From Small Town to the World Stage with Abacus Learning - Sharp Brains Education

Rampura Phul, Punjab – Pranay Garg, a student of Sharp Brains Education, has made history by setting a new International Record in the field of the abacus. His remarkable feat of answering 70 questions correctly in just 7 minutes and 27 seconds has earned him the first position in the (C) category of the first term at the International Abacus Competition organized by Champions World. This competition witnessed participation from over 18,000 students from 29 countries, making his achievement all the more significant.

Remarkable Achievements by Rampura Phul Students

Pranay’s achievement has brought laurels not just to himself but also to his school, St. Xavier School, Rampura Phul, and the entire state of Punjab. Kaavya Goyal, another student from Rampura Phul, has also made the country proud by winning both the National and International abacus competitions. Kaavya’s accomplishment of securing the first position in the (B) category of the second term in the International competition, along with her previous victory in the National Abacus Competition, has earned her the title of ‘Champion of Champions.’

Other students from Rampura Phul have also performed exceptionally well in the International Abacus Competition. Vidhi Garg, another student from Rampura Phul, had set a new National record in the same month. The impressive performance of students from Rampura Phul is a testament to the high-quality education and training provided to students by Sharp Brains Education.

Global Participation in Abacus Competition

The International Abacus Competition witnessed participation from students belonging to different age groups and categories. Apart from India, students from countries like Canada, America, England, Finland, Scotland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Iraq, Switzerland, and more also took part in the competition. This competition provided a global platform for students to showcase their skills and compete with each other.

Abacus Training and its Popularity in India

Abacus training has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness in improving mental math skills. Abacus training helps children develop their concentration, memory, and visualization skills, enabling them to perform complex calculations mentally with ease. Many schools in India have started offering abacus training to their students, and the results have been encouraging.

Inspiration for Future Generations

The achievements of Pranay, Kaavya, and other students in the International Abacus Competition serve as an inspiration for other students to take up abacus training and enhance their mental math abilities. The success of these students highlights the effectiveness of abacus training in developing mental math skills and improving academic performance.


In conclusion, the achievements of Rampura Phul students in the International Abacus Competition are a matter of great pride and inspiration for students across India. These achievements put Rampura Phul on the map and showcase the exceptional talent of students from the region. The International Abacus Competition has provided a platform for students to showcase their mental math skills and compete with their peers from around the world. The effectiveness of Sharp Brains Education’s Abacus training in improving mental math skills and academic performance is well-established, and these achievements provide encouragement for more students to take up this training.