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Handwriting Improvement

The value of good handwriting has long been admired by both the young and the old. Despite its so much importance and benefits, this aspect of handwriting in our schools has been grossly neglected and overlooked. As a result, the vast majority of our pupils’ writing is not as legible and clear as it should be.

The benefits of good handwriting can be reaped from elementary school to college and then to university. Good handwritten answer seats during exams get extra marks as well as also appreciation. Good handwriting pays extra financial benefits also extra respect during the job as you may be taking notes at meetings and discussions very easily.

Problems in Hand-Writing:

  • While writing the child awkwardly holds the pen
  • It’s very difficult to read and understand
  • Handwriting has been written in such a way that it is not legible.
  • The Pen or Pencil is held almost near the tip.
  • Does not write faster and the NOTES are incomplete.
  • Gets the remark from the teacher “Improve your Handwriting”.
  • All the alphabets are written separately.
  • Writing is very bad or has a very bad hand-writing.
  • Sentences are not written on the lines and it goes up and down.
  • Does not write small alphabets and uses only Capital Letters.
  • Slant of writing is not consistent and it goes left, straight, and right as well.
  • Writes are very small and cannot be read them.

Advantages of Good Handwriting

  • Good Handwriting develops the Brain.
  • Good Handwriting improves grades.
  • Good Handwriting aids confidence.
  • Good Handwriting aids memory.
  • Good Handwriting avoids silly mistakes.
  • Good Handwriting helps everyone for good presentation in the study as well as in life.

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