Neurobics - Sharp Brains Education


Is your Child facing challenges for:-

# lack of concentration

# lack of focus

# memory issues

# low confidence

# any other such issues

“Recent studies have found that today’s children are struggling with cognitive thinking…”

  • Neurobics is designed to enhance and develop BRAIN’s potential.
  • The human brain is formed from nerve cells called neurons and these are connected by synapses that transport information from one neuron to the opposite. Just like other muscles and organs, the brain does change with age; synapses fire more slowly, some cells die out, and therefore the overall mass of the organ shrinks.
  • Neurobics is a scientifically designed program. It is based on the brain’s ability to provide a natural growth factor called “neurotrophins.” Neurotrophins are a family of proteins that induce the survival, development, and performance of neurons.
    Research published within the Journal of Neuroscience in 2008 revealed that if a neuron doesn’t receive sufficient stimulation through active synapses it’ll eventually die. On the opposite hand, if it receives stimulation from other neurons developing along an equivalent neural pathway, it lives and grows. It’s this simple.
  • Neurobics support the unlocking of your brilliance by removing blocks in your brain and nervous system. They enhance and stimulate the free flow of data. The exercises help release muscle tension and emotional stress.
  • Neurobics is extremely different from other sorts of brain exercises, Neurobic exercises use the five senses in novel ways to enhance the brain’s natural drive to form associations between different types of information.
  • The Goal of this “Neurobics” Course is to teach skills necessary for the Awaken the Unlimited power of Mind.

Benefits of Neurobics

  • It develops Concentration Power.
  • It improves long-term memory.
  • It develops a positive personality.
  • It develops self-confidence.
  • It helps to learn with Fun.
  • It helps in Superior Vision.
  • It makes powerful from within.