Abacus - Sharp Brains Education

Abacus – Introduction

The Abacus is the oldest tool for calculating. It is one of the most important calculating devices that has been invented for the purpose of calculation. With Abacus learning, simple arithmetical functions become vers easy to learn. Enrolling your child in ABACUS programs might also help them gain confidence and improve their concentration levels in their regular activities. Not only that, but learning the Abacus can also enhance a child’s memory.

Benefits of Abacus Education

Improve the accuracy and therefore the speed in arithmetic calculations like (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division).

  • Build stronger memory power.
  • Enhance imaging skills or photographic memory.
  • Increase sense of observation/visualization power.
  • Sharpen sound judgment/hearing power.
  • Increase concentration.
  • Helps to reduce stress-burden and kids enjoy the fun of learning.
  • Create self-confidence and learning capability.

Benefits to Parents

  • The abacus mental arithmetic training helps the students in a very unique way by developing their intellectual level. It can boost a student's math ability in a short period while also enhancing the student's interest, personality, and determination.
  • Less stress on the parents.
  • Children will be able to compete internationally and will win recognition not only in mental computations but also academically because the love and the ability to learn are being nurtured in the early years.
  • Early inputs aid in the development of self-sufficiency and responsibility in children.
  • Our program is designed for the common youngster, and it will help them in reaching their full potential.

Course Duration

Total Levels: 2 having 4 terms each 

Duration of each term: Approx. 4 months

Duration of each class: 2 hours, once a week

Mode: Offline/Online

Age Group: 7-14 Years