"Mount Litra Zee School Honors Outstanding Performances at National Abacus Competition" - Sharp Brains Education

Mount Litra Zee School Rampura Phul organized a special event to honor its students who took part in the National Abacus Competition, organized by Champions World at Chandigarh. The competition saw participation from over 10,000 school students from across the country, and the students of Mount Litra Zee School performed exceptionally well, with one student even securing the first position at the National Level.

Six Students Represented Mount Litra Zee School

The school principal, Madam Geeta Pillay, announced that six students from the school participated in the competition under the guidance of Sharp Brains Director Ranjeev Goyal. Among these students, fifth-class student Kavya secured the First position at the National Level in the (B) category of the second term. The performance of the other students was also commendable, making the school proud. During the competition, the students solved complex questions in short bursts using the Abacus method, showcasing their mastery of this ancient calculation tool.

Director of Sharp Brains Shares Valuable Insights on Mind Power, Concentration, and Studies

During the event, the Director of Sharp Brains, Mr. Ranjeev Goyal, gave a talk, sharing valuable insights on mind power, concentration, and studies. He also presented a cash prize of Rs. 2,100 to Kavya for her outstanding performance at the competition.

School M.D. Expresses Happiness over Students’ Achievements

The school’s M.D., Mr. Gagan Bansal, expressed happiness over the achievements of Kavya and the other students. He stated that the student’s success has brought recognition to the school and that in the 21st century, it is crucial to educate the mind along with traditional book knowledge.

The students of Mount Litra Zee School have demonstrated this by their impressive performance at the National Abacus Competition. Abacus education is an ancient tool that has been used for thousands of years to improve mental arithmetic and overall cognitive function. This method of education has been proven to be effective time and time again, and Sharp Brains has been able to bring it to the forefront of modern education.

Sharp Brains is the industry leader in providing abacus education to children, helping to boost their confidence and equip them with valuable skills for their future. With its modern approach, experienced instructors, and commitment to quality, Sharp Brains is the best choice for parents who want to give their children the best possible education.