Rampura Phul Girl Vidhi Sets a New Record in National Abacus Competition - Sharp Brains Education

A student from Rampura Phul sets a new national record in the National Abacus competition, showcasing her mental math abilities and bringing glory to her school.

Introduction: The National Abacus Competition organized by Champions World witnessed a new record being set by Vidhi, a student of Sharp Brains Rampura Phul. In this competition, which saw the participation of 10,000 students from across the country, Vidhi answered 100 questions in 5 minutes and 51 seconds, securing the first position at the All India level in the (C) category of the 1st term.

 District Bathinda Excels in National Abacus Competition

The students of District Bathinda made a mark in the National Abacus Competition, winning a total of 5 awards. This achievement is even more special as all 5 awards were won by girls. The students from Sharp Brains Rampura Phul and Bathinda centers in the competition performed exceptionally well.

Sharp Brains Rampura Phul & Bathinda Students Win Big

Along with Vidhi, several other students from Sharp Brains Rampura Phul won big in the competition. Khushi D/o Jugnu Mittal, a student of St. Joseph’s School, Bathinda bagged the 3rd position in the 1st Term (C) category. Kavya D/o Karan Goyal secured the first position at the National Level in the (B) category of the 2nd term. Diya D/o Raj Kumar secured the first position at the National Level in the 5th term. Apeksha D/o Ranjeev Goyal won the special prize of 100% marks by solving all questions correctly in the 8th term.

 Education Department Honours the Winners

The winning students of Sharp Brains were honored by the Punjab Education Department’s DPI Secondary, Mr. Kuljit Pal Singh Mahi, who presented them with trophies and cash prize checks. The students also had the opportunity to meet the Director General of School Education Punjab, Mr. Varinder Sharma IAS, and showcase their mental math abilities.

The National Abacus Competition saw the emergence of young talents from Rampura Phul and Bathinda who brought glory to their schools and the state. The student’s mental math abilities were praised by the education department, and their bright future is highly anticipated. The achievement of these young girls serves as an inspiration to others and showcases the importance of mental math skills in today’s world.