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Hello, everyone! My name is Priya from Bathinda City in Punjab. Today, I would like to share my daughter Smiley’s story and how Sharp Brain Education’s Abacus Program transformed her from struggling with math to a world champion. Smiley was a brilliant student, excelling in all subjects except for math, which she found challenging. Despite trying various solutions, her marks in math continued to drop. But, with the help of Sharp Brain Education, Smiley was able to overcome her struggles and even went on to win first place worldwide in the International Abacus Competition in October 2021.

The Benefits of Abacus Education:

As a parent, I was curious about the impact of Abacus Education on children’s math performance. Upon learning about Sharp Brain Education’s Abacus Program, I was amazed by the real-life testimonials of other students and decided to enroll Smiley in the course. And, I am so glad I did! After only a few classes, Smiley’s performance in math improved dramatically. Not only was she able to solve mathematical problems with greater accuracy and speed, but her memory, listening skills, and concentration also improved. Her classmates were amazed at the transformation they saw in her.

Sharp Brain Education: A Path to Success

Smiley’s story is a testament to the power of Abacus Education. The faculty and staff at Sharp Brain Education played a significant role in Smiley’s success. Their comprehensive approach to teaching, combined with the use of Abacus, has helped thousands of students like Smiley overcome their struggles and reach their full potential.

International Abacus Competition: A Moment of Great Pride

In October 2021, Smiley competed in the International Abacus Competition, where over 16,000 students from 23 nations participated. And, to our amazement, Smiley came in first place worldwide in the sixth term. This was indeed a moment of great pride for our family, and we are forever grateful to Sharp Brain Education for its role in helping Smiley reach this level of success.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Sharp Brain Education’s Abacus Program to other parents looking to help their children succeed. From my experience, the benefits of Abacus Education are numerous and far-reaching, and I am confident that it can help your child reach their full potential, just as it did for Smiley. Thank you, Sharp Brain Education, for such a positive and profound change in my daughter’s life.

Priya Garg, Bathinda

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